Sharing with Fido: Human Supplements That Are Safe for Dogs

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People want their pets to be as healthy and happy as possible, but paying for their food, vet bills, and treats and toys is expensive. A great way to improve their health (potentially lowering vet bills) without purchasing a shelf full of overpriced specialty pet vitamins and supplements is to choose the lower-priced human-grade options that are also safe for dogs. This allows both the pet and the owner to have the supplements that improve their well-being without going broke.  Reducing Arthritis Symptoms Glucosamine helps to reduce the inflammation and pain in the joints due to arthritis. It is also beneficial for dogs with hip dysplasia and joint and spinal disc injuries. Vitamin C supplements aid in reducing arthritis pain and when taken with glucosamine supplements they may help to increase the absorption of the glucosamine.  Boosting Overall Health Fish-oil supplements may help to reduce heart problems, lower the risk of cancer, and boost the immune system. The skin and coat of dogs can also benefit from this supplement. It may reduce shedding, relieve dry skin, and make their fur shinier.  Strengthening the Mind It is hard to watch a beloved pet age, especially when their memory begins to go. Ginko Biloba may help to reverse, or at least slow, memory problems in aging pets. Some studies in humans also showed that the herb may help to reverse eye damage and ease anxiety. Cleansing the Liver Humans use milk thistle as a natural detox to cleanse their liver and aid in digestion. Dogs can safely use the supplement for the same purpose. Pets with liver disease, or those that have not been on the best diet, may benefit greatly from the herb. Milk thistle contains high levels of antioxidants that can help to boost the immune system, and the herb may also ease discomfort in dogs that suffer from inflammatory bowel disease. Healing the Gut Antibiotics frequently affect dogs the same way humans are affected. The good bacteria in the gut is often flushed out of the system when a pet suffers from diarrhea during a round of antibiotics. This can cause stomach upset and pain and make them irregular. Probiotics return the balance back to normal and ease their digestive problems.  Pet owners need to be careful about providing the right dose according to the weight of their dog. They should speak to their vet, just as they would their own doctor before beginning any new supplements. This will reduce the risk of giving the pet supplements that may interact with medication they are currently taking. Make certain the supplements are pure and that they do not contain products like xylitol (found in some children’s supplements) or benzoate preservative or use rosemary as a preservative. These are often harmful to dogs.  Check out supplements from companies like Gesundheit Health to look at your...

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How To Detox At Home To Help You Lose Weight

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You may have heard a little bit about detoxing your body to help with liver function or for heart health, but detoxing can also help you lose weight. In most cases, detoxing involves eating or drinking fruits and vegetables, which can help improve your metabolism and reduce body fat. In addition to aiding in digestion, detoxing can strengthen your immune system and even give you a better complexion. The best part about detoxing is that it isn’t that difficult to do. There are a number of different ways to detox your body. See below for a handful of things you can do to help detox your body at home. Juice Cleansing Juice cleansing allows you to consume multiple different types of fruits and vegetables without actually having to eat them. With different combinations such as cucumber, spinach, avocado and pineapple, even if you don’t care for the taste of those vegetables, the fruit will help calm down the flavor. You’re getting the same nutritional content but with a flavorful punch and all of the benefits of detoxing. Use a juicer to create these detoxifying juices or a smoothie maker to make it more like a smoothie instead. Other combinations you can use include: 1/4 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup carrots and water or 1/4 cup spinach, 1/4 inch peeled ginger, 1 tsp. chia seeds, 1/2 lemon juiced (fresh squeezed),1/2  banana, 1/4 cucumber, and a handful of blueberries.  Water Cleansing Water is great for a system flush, but sometimes plain old water can get old. Add some fruits and vegetables to your plain water to give you a flavorful boost, while also helping cleanse your system. Add cucumber and mint to your water, and add strawberries if you prefer a little sweeter taste. Use lemon slices for a refreshing taste with your water (no sugar though). Cleansing Body Wraps If drinking your fruits, vegetables, and water just aren’t your thing, you can also use a detoxifying body wrap to help you from the outside in. Here’s what you need: Lotion Ace bandages Belly wrap Cling wrap Clay mask Paper towels Bowl with warm water Instructions: Soak the paper towels in the warm water for a minute or so, then place them on your stomach to help open up your pores. Next, mix the clay mask and lotion in a small microwave safe bowl and heat it up in the microwave for about 15 seconds (you want it warm, not hot). Apply the mixture to your stomach and sides in a thick layer. Then wrap the cling wrap over your stomach and around your waist. Be sure it’s tight, but not so tight you cannot breathe. Wrap it around you about 5-6 times. Cover the plastic wrap with the ace bandages around your waist until you can no longer see the plastic wrap. Then cover the ace bandage with the belly band to help keep everything secure. You’ll keep everything on overnight allowing the lotion/clay mask to work its magic while you sleep. Take it all off in the morning and rinse the mixture off of your body.  You should see results after just one use. This type of detox helps reduce belly bloating and isn’t a long term solution. Detoxing your body helps in multiple ways, but weight loss is a...

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3 Reasons To Consider Workout Supplements

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Workout supplements can be a great resource to take advantage of while you are trying to build up muscle or get into shape, mostly because there are a huge number of available supplement types that offer a wide range of benefits. Plus, it’s easy to buy buy workout capsules online, so you can compare and contrast each supplement’s pros and cons without going to a brick-and-mortar location. Listed below are just a few of the reasons to consider workout supplements. Meal Replacements One big reason to consider utilizing a workout supplement is that it can often be hard to plan your meals when beginning a new exercise plan, mostly because there are many different vitamins and nutritional requirements that you will need to add in. This can be especially difficult for people who are just starting out and can result in insufficient progress or a lack of progress altogether if the right nutrients and meal plans are not utilized.  However, there are a number of supplements available that can make this process much easier. While supplement capsules can’t replace a meal, there are some supplements that come in the form of drinks or protein bars that can provide all of the necessary nutrients and calories in a simple package. If you are having a hard time cooking for yourself or your schedule is crazy, these kinds of supplements are perfect for a quick energizing snack. Recovery Assistance Another reason to consider workout supplements is that they can reduce your recovery time while exercising. These supplements are especially useful when you are trying to build up muscle mass because consistently lifting weights will result in your muscles tearing. Waiting for those muscles to heal can often require several days after a particularly strenuous workout, which means that you will likely not be able to continue working out at full capacity. However, some supplements will help your muscles heal faster so that you do not have to risk falling out of your workout routine or slowing down your progress. Weight Control Finally, you should consider workout supplements to help you control your weight while trying to achieve your fitness goals. For example, if you want to get into shape and lose weight, there are supplements available that can help you burn calories faster by boosting your metabolism.  In addition, you can also utilize supplements to help you gain weight if you are trying to increase your muscle mass. These supplements will typically be high in protein and carbohydrates to help you gain weight that you can then turn into muscle mass. Contact your local supplement or health food store today in order to discuss which supplements would be the best fit for helping you to achieve your exercise goals. Supplements can help you control your weight, shorten recovery times, and simplify your meal...

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4 Best Supplements For Skin And Hair

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Glowing, healthy skin, and shiny, strong hair aren’t simply a matter of luck or good genes. You can seriously influence how great your skin and hair look from the inside out. This of course includes drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy, nutrient-packed diet, and taking vitamins to round things out. Here are four things you should consider adding to your regimen if you’re looking for a serious beauty boost: Borage Oil Borage oil supplements are powerful beauty boosters. Thanks to its high omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid content, as well as the salicylic acid it contains naturally, borage oil is thought to help combat wrinkles, dry skin, and age spots, as well as hormonal acne. Some proponents of borage oil supplements also claim they help weak, cracked nails to become strong and healthy, and make hair stronger and less prone to split ends. Vitamin E Vitamin E has powerful moisturizing and anti-aging properties, and can help your skin look its best both when ingested or used topically. To use topically, simply break open the vitamin capsule and massage the Vitamin E oil contained inside the capsule onto your face, especially around your eyes or anywhere you have wrinkles. Taking Vitamin E supplements can also help moisturize dry hair and nails. Vitamin C Getting plenty of Vitamin C has been linked to everything from helping your hair grow longer faster, to giving you clearer, younger-looking, and more even-toned skin. As an added bonus, Vitamin C can also help stave off colds. To get the most bang for your buck, take a daily Vitamin C supplement, and also apply a Vitamin C serum or powder to your face every evening after cleansing. Vitamin A Vitamin A is an important anti-oxidant that helps your body to repair damaged cells and even grow new ones. This is important when it comes to beauty, because Vitamin A can help prevent and reverse some of the damage caused by too much sun exposure by repairing the damage UV rays do to your skin cells. You should always wear sunblock when you’re out and about of course, but adding some Vitamin A supplements to your daily routine will give your skin additional protection against wrinkles and age spots. Loading up on these four vitamins will leave you feeling and looking great. Don’t forget to buy organic vitamins without chemical additives whenever possible, as your body processes vitamins more easily when they’re in a purer state. You can click here for more...

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